Executive & Team Coaching Solutions

Timothy Gallwey

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.



For individuals and teams that want to improve their performance. Have you ever wondered about what the elite performers in the business and sporting world have in common?. Well, in their corner they usually have a coach that helps them get the best out of themselves throughout their career. Most people and teams put that decision off and don’t realise their potential. If you are ready to explore how coaching can help you and your team get to the next level, contact us to discuss your requirements.

The best coaches help people get the best from themselves.

Cumara can help you.

Participant ‘Leadership Development’ course

Some very valuable lessons on how to work / deal with the different types of staff.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss your coaching requirements
contact us now on 086 832 9940 or send us an email and a member of our team will revert to you.

Coaching Success FAQ:

What do we deliver?

We deliver business coaching programmes that work to the individual or organisation's strengths or weaknesses. We also help clients to uncover challenges and help them develop solutions to deliver business success. We help managers to coach their own teams. Alternatively, we coach CEO’s/managers/business owners individually to fully achieve their potential.


We either train participants to add coaching to their skills OR we deliver coaching to individuals on a one to one basis.
We also train teams as a group then support them after training with individual coaching via internet, phone call or face to face.

In what way?

An initial needs assessment is conducted between Cumara Performance and the Client. Chemistry is important in a one-to-one coaching situation. The first engagement typically consists of 4 separate one-to-one meetings usually on a monthly basis.


Courses available include:

- Front Line Management skills (2 days)
- Leading High Performing Teams (2 days)
- Presenting for Success (2 days)
- Agile Negotiation Skills (2 days)
- Managing Change (2 days)
- Communicating for Success (2 days)
- Performance Management and Development (2 days)
- Facilitation skills for Leaders (2 days)
- Presenting for Success (2 days)
- Assertiveness for Leaders (1 day)
- Influencing for Success (1 day)
- Managing Conflict (1 day)
- Team Building (tbc)
- Coaching Individual and Teams (2 days)
- Discipline and Procedures workshop (half day)
- Train the trainer (2 days)
- Master trainer (2 days)
- Thinking on your feet (1 day)
- Keeping your company out of court (half day)
- Giving and receiving feedback (half day)
- Finance for Non-finance people (2 days)