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This programme focuses on making facilitation easier for you. It will give you the skills, frameworks, tools, tips and facilitation techniques to enable world class facilitation. In time, with effort you will be able to create very high quality workshops that generate ideas, stimulate performance, solve problems, increase collaboration and get teams moving and working together. Participants will gain sufficient knowledge and practical skills to design and run high quality facilitated workshops and meetings to ensure they achieve successful process outcomes. 15 years of full time facilitation experience will be shared by the trainer.

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Anyone who wants to improve the quality and effectiveness of workshops, meetings and projects. Leaders, Managers, Team Leads, Project Managers, Consultants, HR and L&D Managers.


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After the facilitation skills workshop you will be able to:

  • Develop the skills required to successfully facilitate a group in achieving their goals
  • Learn best practice techniques for group engagement and facilitation techniques and skills
  • Apply a range of proven techniques to deliver facilitation success in a group setting
  • Use tools and techniques that you can practice to develop your skills
  • Get analysis and feedback to allow you to further enhance your skills for success
  • Use a set of take-away tools designed to increase your facilitation effectiveness
  • Select the appropriate templates, tools and engagement techniques to deliver high quality facilitation workshops
  • Be more confident in facilitating groups

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Our interactive practical courses and learner centred approach, combined with small class sizes, provide the very best virtual learning environment for participants. We focus on skills development by closing the gaps on knowledge, sharing and applying best practices in learning and development. Participants leave our programs with increased confidence and armed with behaviours and tools that can be applied in the workplace. Post-training we provide further support through group and individual coaching/mentoring to maximise behaviour transfer into the workplace. This makes for a far better training investment.

Included in the programme and the financial investment will be a 1 hour remote support (via Zoom or phone or email) for participants. They will also be invited to a 90 minute follow-up Zoom workshop approximately 1 month after the initial training in order to support them as they transfer the new knowledge and behaviours into the workplace. These 2 best practice steps in training are strongly recommended by Cumara Performance for delivering better results for the team.


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  • Understanding facilitation and development of goals
  • What does world class facilitation look like?
  • Introduction to facilitation process
  • Process tools for facilitators
  • Meeting design template and components checklist
  • Generating engagement and getting buy in
  • Dealing with conflict and difficult people
  • Understanding group dynamics implications and behaviour
  • Tips, tools and techniques for facilitation (brainstorming and problem solving)
  • Individual facilitation design
  • Facilitation practice (applying their own facilitation session)
  • Feedback
  • Next steps personal facilitation action plan



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