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In this 2 day training workshop, you will learn how to manage and cope with change and how to help those around you too. “Nothing is permanent except change” according to Heraclitus in 400BC. In the context of the pandemic, never have so many teams required change management strategies, tools and skills. Many teams need to reboot effectively in a changed environment. This workshop will help you further understand and implement change in your team. It is designed to provide change management competencies and tools that can be implemented in a practical way. It will give leaders refreshers on the top competencies required to effect constructive change management in their teams and to introduce some new tools and frameworks to help affect the targeted changes.

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 Leaders who are looking to further develop their change management knowledge and skills to implement successful change in their teams or organisations. Managers looking to adapt their teams to new realities of a pandemic world. Participants who want to lean on proven change management theories, frameworks, best practice and tools that can be applied in the workplace.

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By the end of this two day programme you will be able to:

    • Further understand the types, the enablers and the barriers to change
    • Manage change implementation at personal, team and individual level
    • Leverage some proven change tools and processes that successful practitioners utilise
    • Understand the key skills to affect successful change within their teams
    • Use a wide range of tools and frameworks to successfully implement change
    • Reflect on their own and their team’s readiness for change and how to address challenges
    • Start to develop a practical roadmap to start effecting the targeted changes in their teams
    • Reduce resistance to change and communicate change effectively

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Our interactive practical courses and learner centred approach, combined with small class sizes, provide the very best virtual learning environment for participants. We focus on skills development by closing the gaps on knowledge, sharing and applying best practices in learning and development. Participants leave our programs with increased confidence and armed with behaviours and tools that can be applied in the workplace. Post-training we provide further support through group and individual coaching/mentoring to maximise behaviour transfer into the workplace. This makes for a far better training investment.

Included in the programme and the financial investment will be a 1 hour remote support (via Zoom or phone or email) for participants. They will also be invited to a 90 minute follow-up Zoom workshop approximately 1 month after the initial training in order to support them as they transfer the new knowledge and behaviours into the workplace. These 2 best practice steps in training are strongly recommended by Cumara Performance for delivering better results for the team.

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  • Understanding change – what are the different types of change?
  • Barriers and enablers to change
  • What is personal change and impact?
  • Am I change ready?
  • Models for change
  • Organisational change
  • Managing change
  • Defining business change
  • Using key communications skills for change
  • Exploring why change fails
  • Dealing with resistance and emotions 

  • Guiding your team through resistance
  • Introduction to Immunity to change model
  • Introduction of Kotter 8 steps
  • Defining the 8 steps
  • Examine the 7 principles of change
  • Review the tools and frameworks that can be used for change in your workplace
  • Next steps and Personal Action Plans



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