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This 2 day course is designed to introduce managers to the principles of coaching team members and teams for effective performance. You will learn to coach individuals and teams for engagement, empowerment, accountability and action. Managers will gain knowledge, tools, techniques and skills to assist with managing and developing their team. Coaching is seen as the vital management tool post Covid-19 as working practices quickly evolve. Using a coaching style helps managers to use a simple and powerful non-directive approach moving from a command/tell style to a non-directive and empowering one. This programme will help you on that important journey.

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Managers who want to develop their skills as a coach, so that they can create conditions for excellent performance and get the best from their team and team members.

You will further develop your competencies in building trust, engagement and purpose within individuals and teams, facilitating next level of performance.

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At the end of this 2 day training programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the power of coaching individuals and teams in a non-directive way
  • Use the GROW coaching model in your team conversations
  • Use the power of great questions to improve the quality of your coaching
  • Implement powerful listening and questioning techniques
  • Practice your coaching skills and build your own coaching tool kit
  • Build more confidence in your coaching skills
  • Use coaching techniques and tools for goal setting and feedback
  • Develop a coaching mindset and foster better collaboration in your team
  • Review the appendix of powerful coaching questions intended for your use during your career

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Our interactive practical courses and learner centred approach, combined with small class sizes, provide the very best virtual learning environment for participants. We focus on skills development by closing the gaps on knowledge, sharing and applying best practices in learning and development. Participants leave our programs with increased confidence and armed with behaviours and tools that can be applied in the workplace. Post-training we provide further support through group and individual coaching/mentoring to maximise behaviour transfer into the workplace. This makes for a far better training investment.

Included in the programme and the financial investment will be a 1 hour remote support (via Zoom or phone or email) for participants. They will also be invited to a 90 minute follow-up Zoom workshop approximately 1 month after the initial training in order to support them as they transfer the new knowledge and behaviours into the workplace. These 2 best practice steps in training are strongly recommended by Cumara Performance for delivering better results for the team.


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  • Introduction to coaching and performance
  • Coaching? Why bother?.... "but my team are different."
  • Pros and Cons of Coaching vs Mentoring vs Facilitation vs Training vs Managing vs Leading
  • The Coaching tool box – the basics
  • Creating trust
  • Open questions
  • Active listening using paraphrasing and summarising
  • Barriers to having a coaching conversation
  • The power of goal setting
  • Detailing the GROW model
  • Practice using the GROW model
  • Role Plays


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