Fergus Gloster, Founder and Former CEO of EMEA

This book should be read, and the ideas should be implemented by any organisation looking to increase or maintain sales in today’s challenging times. The ‘What’ and the ‘How’ contained in the pages are valuable tools for all sales situations. Your sales teams will immediately increase their productivity if they understand and use this book.

Proven Selling Skills is a comprehensive book that addresses the specific sales skills necessary for selling success.
Regardless of your level of selling experience, it is an excellent reference guide.

Proven Selling Skills

Ronan McNamara is the owner of Cumara Performance, which specialises in igniting sales and management performance. He has over twenty years practical sales and management experience and delivers systematic analysis, design, delivery and evaluation of sales training interventions across a wide range of sectors.

ISBN : 1906946027, 9781906946029

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Mike Kehoe IBM Business Development and Strategy Manager

Wherever you are positioned in an organisation you have to sell products, ideas or yourself. Ronan has very skillfully and systematically taken the mystique out of selling and shows how this can be a realisable process. This book is more than just a collection of arguments but a real "how-to-approach" in the process of selling. Regardless of your selling experience, novice or master it should remain at hands' reach on one’s desk for continual reference. By applying these concepts and action points, my approach to selling has fundamentally changed leading to very tangible successes. A permanent on my desk.

Niamh Kelly, HR Director, Magnet Networks & Hibernia Atlantic Columbia Venture Capital Companies

Ronan has changed sales performance in our organisation by helping our sales teams to focus on executing exactly the right sales behaviours. I am delighted that he has written a book on these skills and processes. It is a true reference guide for what top sales producers should actually do.

Fergal Brehony, Former General Manager, Nycomed Products Ireland

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