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This 2 day programme is for individuals who wish to sharpen their negotiation skills so that they can negotiate better outcomes. This VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) workshop blends practical tools, experience, extensive research, frameworks and templates to deliver a programme that will take your negotiating competencies to the next level. You will enhance your negotiating knowledge, skills and habits. This accelerated learning opportunity will enable you to build on your innate negotiating ability. After this programme you will be confident about your enhanced negotiation knowledge, your skills, and the tools and templates supplied.

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 Individuals and teams who want to maximise their competencies and effectiveness in a broad range of negotiation situations. We negotiate every single day – at home and at work – whether we like it or not. Most people are not trained to negotiate. Proficiency is usually acquired over time and by making mistakes. This programme is suitable for anyone who wishes to take their negotiation skills to the next level.

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 After this programme you will be able to:

    • Understand, recognise and replicate the habits of great proven negotiators
    • Appreciate the implications of personal styles on the negotiation process and outcomes
    • Avoid common and predictable negotiation mistakes
    • Select and apply different negotiation models – prepare for good faith negotiations but be ready for bad faith tactics
    • Implement the five phases of negotiations
    • Master power imbalances, build trust, influence the negotiation process, prepare to an expert level using our tried and trusted templates and think on your feet when you need to
    • Use best practice listening and questioning skills
    • Build and develop effective objection handling and closing techniques for negotiation situations
    • Further develop your influencing and persuasion skills
    • Implement some of the tips, techniques, frameworks and tools for better negotiation outcomes

Our interactive practical courses and learner centred approach, combined with small class sizes, provide the very best virtual learning environment for participants. We focus on skills development by closing the gaps on knowledge, sharing and applying best practices in learning and development. Participants leave our programs with increased confidence and armed with behaviours and tools that can be applied in the workplace. Post-training we provide further support through group and individual coaching/mentoring to maximise behaviour transfer into the workplace. This makes for a far better training investment.

Included in the programme and the financial investment will be a 1 hour remote support (via Zoom or phone or email) for participants. They will also be invited to a 90 minute follow-up Zoom workshop approximately 1 month after the initial training in order to support them as they transfer the new knowledge and behaviours into the workplace. These 2 best practice steps in training are strongly recommended by Cumara Performance for delivering better results for the team.

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    • What exactly is negotiation?
    • Have I got what it takes?
    • Ten winning behaviours for negotiation success
    • Types of negotiation
    • What do really successful negotiators actually do?
    • Negotiation styles and Five Negotiation phases
    • What is a BATNA and how to generate and use one
    • Listening, questioning, objection handling and closing skills
    • Understanding and managing conflict
    • Creating value options with the PIN model
    • Concessions and team negotiations
    • How to be more influential and persuasive
    • What the experts say about negotiating
    • Applying the learnings
    • Template, tips and tools
    • My negotiation skills action plan




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