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Sales Skills course participant
Ronan imparts in an interactive and engaging way, all that he has learned and gleaned from his unique experience in sales and training. The information imparted fired me up.
Sales Director
This stuff works !!

From time to time our clients identify a need for more assistance and they ask us to go a bit deeper with them. This usually involves us becoming a part of their team on an interim basis or getting involved with a specific project. Part of our role is to assess, design and implement new processes, systems and skills with a view to skilling up their existing team. We have been involved in helping organisations redesign their sales processes, revamp their training offerings and have occasionally managed and developed their sales teams beyond just training. We like to keep our hand in by “doing” more than just training.

Projects that we have been involved in beyond simply delivering training include:
- Change management
- Performance management and development systems (PMDS)
- Coaching for success
- Analysis, design and implementation of a new Learning & Development team
- Leading, analysing, designing and implementing a retail Customer experience (CX) training project
- Designing and implementing a leadership development project
- Acting as part time Sales Director.

If your organisation has a project that requires extra temporary high quality help – please contact us to discuss. We have subject matter expertise in sales, coaching, learning and development and leadership and can be just the right fix and fit for your project.